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Our Practice Areas

Litigation Management


Litigation Management involves complex issues confronting corporations of all sizes in today's business environment. These include  multiple suits in multiple jurisdictions: the search for historical data and the evaluation of record retention policies; the discovery of witnesses and the preparation of experts; the selection of competent local counsel, trial counsel and a management team for the litigation; and other issues facing corporations ......

Toxic Torts


The attorneys of Riley, Hewitt, Witte & Romano, P.C. have been successfully defending manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in toxic tort lawsuits nationwide for nearly three decades. The frequency of toxic tort cases has multiplied over the years, involving a large number of manufacturing defendants with a wide-array of issues, multi-party and multi-district litigation.


Product Liability


Defending product liability claims requires extensive experience and first-hand knowledge of this ever-changing and challenging area of law.


Riley, Hewitt, Witte & Romano, P.C. attorneys have defended hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and retailers from product liability claims throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The use of ADR has increased in recent years as a way to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.  Depending on the process, ADR can offer benefits such as the opportunity for creative resolutions, greater client satisfaction, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and confidentiality that cannot be realized in the courtroom. 

Commercial Litigation

Riley, Hewitt, Witte & Romano, P.C.  provides a full range of services to clients involved in all aspects of commercial enterprise. Our clients range from large corporations, to privately held businesses, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals with commercial issues. Our attorneys regularly appear and try cases at both state and federal levels.

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