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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The use of ADR has increased in recent years as a way to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.  Depending on the process, ADR can offer benefits such as the opportunity for creative resolutions, greater client satisfaction, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and confidentiality that cannot be realized in the courtroom. 


Firm attorneys have been trained in a number of ADR processes such as mediation (facilitative and transformative models), arbitration, collaborative law and victim offender dialogue.  Additionally, firm attorneys are available to serve as early neutral evaluators.


Whether through staying up to date on current trends in ADR; educating others about ADR theory, techniques and ethics; suggesting revisions to court ADR policies and procedures; or working on recommendations to the legislature to promote ADR in Pennsylvania, RHWR attorneys are in the forefront of ADR.  Their process and substantive legal knowledge, as well as their dedication to the field, are what distinguish RHWR attorneys from other conflict resolution professionals.

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